Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Lounge VIDEO BAR

The new state-of-the-art music video system has been installed. The Lounge now serves up more than great cocktails, it is the regions only video bar. Playing music videos from every genre, the video system provides entertainment for any mood. Starting when we open, the system is set to play easier music earlier in the evening and progressing to more upbeat music as the night progresses.

Don't forget, starting tomorrow, October 1st, the Sports Grill will be serving BREAKFAST from 7am to 10:30AM 7 days a week. The TV's will be tuned to all the news networks and morning shows. This will be the regions ONLY - NEWS Grill.

Town Hall at the Ware House

The Ware House co-hosted a “Town Hall” type gathering for the Mayor Leyens campaign for re-election. The turnout was good and I really enjoyed the interaction between the Mayor and the guests. There were a number of concerns expressed by the people and he addressed them all directly.

Following the event, a group of us adjourned to my home where we watched Dancing with the Stars. It was such a blast, all sitting around discussing some of the better dancers, but even more entertaining was laughing and talking about the worst performances.

Sunday Night at the Movies

We had another fun movie night in the Lounge. We showed Studio 54, hot! It is definitly catching on. For me it becomes a good way to wind down the weekend and get ready for Monday. It is so much fun getting together with a group of people and watching an entertaining movie!